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Making Time to Pray
ISBN: 1539382311
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

So many allow the struggles, discomforts, and evils of life to redirect their lives
from being viable because they don't know how to pray. Praying is the most
valuable spiritual tool you will need, and it is a real weapon of defense when you
learn how to use your prayer life. It will shift your entire situation from bad to good,
redirect your life from misery to happiness and misfortune to being fortunate. Make
Time to Pray will teach you how to make your prayer more effective. Once an
individual develops a more effective prayer life they become a hell destroyer, life
changer, and a more productive warrior gaining favor from The Most High that they
never had. It's time to Make Time to Pray.
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We see you are interested in Fountain of Life Publisher's House, and I know you will find soon realize that we are THE BEST BOOK
around. We offer fantastic customer service to our clients, wisdom that's priceless compared to what many have told us, and
guidance in making your Dream a Reality. I know all these thoughts are running through your head: Whose going to buy my book, and what if
no one likes my writing's?  Where do I start, am I going to get rich with my first book, and is my book going to be a New York Times Best
Seller? All of these questions go through an author's mind, and what am I going to do about finishing this Book Publishing project? CALM
DOWN! Take three DEEP BREATHES inhale, and exhale. Breath in, and out. We are going to walk you through this process, step by step.
Searching for a Book Publisher's can be very confusing, and extremely complicated.
We are here to help make Book Publishing easy as 1, 2, 3!

What We Offer Compared to most Book Publisher's

  • 1) Payment Arrangements. Most want your account paid in full before they complete your project.
  • 2) Book Publishing Accounts - You Can Publish As Many Books w/us if you keep up your monthly payments.
  • 3) The lowest cost for authors to repurchase their books, and keep their inventory re-stock.
  • 4) We let you out of your contract while others keep your title for seven years, once you have completed your payment, and been with our company at least
    one year after your book has been published.
  • 5) We get some of our author's TV Interviews depending on the content of their writings.
  • 6) We are a One Stop Shop (to offer All Sorts Marketing Tools such as Stand Up Banners, Business Cards, Postcards, Web Design & so much more!)
  • 7) Client Referral Fees - Yes, Per New Client. We will give you $100.00 REWARD BONUS for you referring a new author that signs, and submit their full
    initial deposit.
  • 8) We accept handwritten journals / Voice Recording's / Ready Manuscripts & Offer Ghost Writing Services as an option to help our authors produce their
  • 9) We also COACH Writers to BECOME Authors, and have a 99% SUCCESS rate Transforming
         Writers into Published Authors! The WISDOM you gain is Priceless...
  • 10) Fountain of Life Publisher's House also has a Book Catalog that will draw more attention to our author's titles, to promote more reader's. This year we
    will soon have our Magazine that will give our authors more opportunity to gain NEW READERS, Promote their New Books, and INCREASE more book
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Get It Together
ISBN: 1539382311
Body, Mind & Spirit / Overcome Depression

Life will trap you in a state of depression if you don't take control of it. People,
things will easily persuade you to drift away from a good life and map out your life
direction. Sooner or later you will be like a puppet with strings attached to your
arms, and feet. Your situations, conditions, things, people; and sudden terrible life
changes will begin orchestrating a new pattern for your life. Now, you are being led
in another direction far away from the goals you planned, or decisions that would
make your life worth living. It is time for not to allow anything or anyone else cause
you to detour from your purpose Get It Together will teach you how to come out of
Live Love Laugh & Be Happy
ISBN: 1726326381
Self-Help / Personal Growth / Happiness

To be happy you need peace of mind. Live Love Laugh & Be Happy will help
redirect your thoughts, and help your mind to focus on the right direction. In life
many chaotic things will happen, the issues of life will get us off focus, and
reposition our pathway of life; getting us off course. Live Love Laugh & Be Happy
will realigns your life, and cause a fine adjustment to fix the things out of
alignment, then you will gain a peace of mind, and get on the right track. Your life
will attain happiness, real laughter, and peace. Get ready for the new you, as your
read Live Love Laugh & Be Happy. It's time for you to enjoy every second of your
life, and for you to be more productive.

Live Love Laugh & Be Happy will detoxify your spirit, and mind of toxic thoughts.
Bitterness, depression, loneliness, and failures of life will often cloud our minds and
intoxicate our emotions. It will give you clarity in areas you’ve been vague in, and
stimulate your zeal to be more productive in life.
Ask an Elephant
Children's Book

What a busy week this elephant has! Dutch is known as an “Animal Idol” within his community! As a well-respected,
hard-working and goal-oriented mammal, others are lead to communicate with Dutch. Everywhere he goes,
someone is bound to run into him and ask a question. Well, Dutch is always prepared and polite to others. He gives
educated answers and even interacts with a sing-along.

During his early childhood, his mother and father heavily encouraged writing, reading, listening and face-to-face
interactions. This was the primary form of education in his small neighborhood called Chatters Estates. His family
owned a business called A Hint of Communication. Because there were very little resources to get around to other
parts of the larger communities, animals would come near and far to attend seminars to hear him speak as a young
child. Dutch is a small town celebrity with great potential and humbleness.   

Dutch is a colorfully animated character who all can relate to.
Open the book and meet him!
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