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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Call today: 404.936.3989
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Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Vol: 1
ISBN: 0978716205
Religion / Inspirational / Christian

Enthralling.. One Sunday morning I realized my life was
all messed up and I went to church sitting on the back
pew because I did not want anyone to notice me. I
needed a MIRACLE but the first thing the Bishop said,
"God Don't Bless No Mess!" It disturbed my spirit because
I went to church specifically needing God to clean my
life up. Immediately I rose up and was inspired to write
the book Living Life In A Messed Up Situation... God will
assign the most in depth spiritual cleaning service
through the Blood o Jesus the Christ to clean up your
messed up life. Every area will soon have a SPARKLING
AFFECT when God gets finished with you. Some things
He dust off, others He wipes down and some needs to be
CEO of Fountain of Life
Publisher's House & Author,
Parice C. Parker, Live Love &
Laugh coming Fall 2016
Chocolate Drop, Author of
Mama I Heard Your Cry
We know the book publishing industry because we started at the bottom. Our company is formed to keep the author
on the go, producing, increasing and developing successfully. Once you as the author commit to any arrangements
hat will allow you payment options we hold you to your word. So, here are a few policies we need you to read, and
understand. Your book publishing account payments are made separately from book orders, and monthly accounts
need to be paid for each month between the 1st - 5th. Please note on the 6th late fees will begin to accrual monthly
10% of your balance or $100.00 late fee if your balance requires more than $100.00 late fee. We do understand
that hard times will occur, and you may not be able to afford your full payment, but any size payment towards
deducting from your book publishing balance will help you avoid the late fee.

Weekly & Bi- Weekly clients paying on their book publishing account the late fee policy does not attain to them. You
will never have to be concern about late fees as long as you are a weekly or bi-weekly paying author.

Hard -ship: We also understand that times get extremely terrible for some individuals, and we will allow them to skip
one monthly payment per year, but you must call and confirm before the 6th of that month.

Monthly Billing Due Dates Before Late
Billing will go out every 6th - 10th of the month, and your invoices will be updated if you have gained a late fee.
Regardless, we will send out all updated invoices.

Book Ordering: You are welcome to order books, and your account does not have to be paid in full. As long as you
are making your monthly payments, you can order books whenever you are ready.

Why We Offer Book Publishing Accounts?
Book Publishing Accounts is prepared for the author that wants to continue to publish well as produce more books.
We have put together a wide variety of book publishing specials to keep our authors on the go. As long as you keep
your payments coming, we continue to produce your dreams to reality, and while you are gaining capital, we can
continue to pursue your dreams.
Only a few steps to OPEN Your Book Publishing Account:

1) Submit Your Deposit or Down Payment Per Book Publishing Package You Want. You can pay online at
2) Pick Up the phone to call me so we can make sure itemize your package, and it is the best fit for your needs.
3) Now, let's get started on CREATING Your Dreams to Reality.
4)Please submit your book publishing agreement or business agreement and its PRODUCTION time.

We Build DREAMS and Make them REALITY!
Our Bill Pay &
Open Accounts Policies
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ISBN: 069273306X
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

It was the darkest place in my life where I contemplated
suicide. I had lost my home, my family and I felt like a
failure. I couldn't hold things together, and I let everyone
down. I was living in a motel room. It was dark and dreary,
and I was all alone. I begin not to use my hands to fight
physically, but instead, I use my hands to write. My finger
saved my life. I hushed and wrote. It was medicine, and in
that place, my valley I begin to heal. Mysteries revealed.
Author, Ernest L. West of
Secrets and coming soon
Fall 2016 "Expressions
Women It's Time for a Bubble Bath
ISBN: 0692708715
Body, Mind & Spirit / Mindfulness & Meditation

Women, It's Time to Take A Bubble Bath will help people,
reach their purpose, promise, and destiny. It is time to let go
of past hurts, rejections, and drawbacks that have caused
your self-esteem to be small. At the same time help you
reach your full potential. You may cry, scream and shout, but
you will never be the same because God planned greater for
you before in your was in your mother's womb. This exercise
will cause your healing to take place. And you will be able to
help others.This book will change you and push you to your
destination and promises...
Author, Apostle Delisa
Respecting to pay your debt open doors for more
opportunity because it causes you to produce your
cause. Production matters and your investment brings
it to fulfillment.
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