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Power to Push You
ISBN: 0692667431
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Militant Force ...When you fix your mind on the power to excel
and purpose to hit the target, then it is a done deal. Your goal is
now to achieve. No one, nothing or tiredness could stop you now.
Power to Push You is missioned to cause you to be an eye
specialist. Your eyes will begin to see the benefits of vision; the
aspirations once accomplished, and you will have an
I want to say, “I am thankful for your insight,
and your GOD given wisdom Apostle
Parker!!! The first time I started your class I
was so exciting! I was overflowing with joy,
tears and more joy... I took sick in 2014 so I
haven’t been back to school, and I loved my
marketing / business classes. I’m get on the
ball because I have been slacking in those
areas and thank you for correcting me.  I’m
trying to do better and just excited about
learning on Monday nights, you have been
stirring up my passion for business again.
You also give wisdom on some other things I
was asking GOD about... I said, “LORD I
want some friends that I can trust because I
feel so lonely." You said, “wait for JESUS to
send the right people in your life because
waiting on GOD, is worth the wait!"

                           Author, Laquanza Robinson
Business 101
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Business 101
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gets the job done, and when one moves forward with
your vision, then you will experience real change and get real results
here! Our classes will give you information that you don't want to miss,
help you develop a more serious and successful business plan. It is
structured to inspire innovation to its fullest. Are you ready to build and
start your new business? If yes, then
You Gotta Build Your Business
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  • 6) Ways to Expand
  • 7) Vision Designs
  • 8) Business Credit Building & More
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The Birth of An Author
ISBN:  099106271X
Self-Help / Creativity

There are great techniques for completing a book from the
introduction to the end. An unfinished and unpublished book is
dead. That book inside deserves to live. A lot of people wanted
me to mentor them through their book writing journey because
they have witnessed how I have mastered book writing. The Birth
of an Author Shall Be Born is purposed to get that book out of you.
Push to give your new book an opportunity to live. Someone
needs your book more than you need to write it. The Birth of an
Author Shall Be Born, is it you? It's time to discover the author in
Fountain of Life Publisher's House Catalogue
ISBN: 1542983185
Business & Economics / Advertising & Promotion

Your DREAM Matters and if you want to be a published author that’
s our mission. Though untimely things will occur and excuses will
hinder your process but when you start with us then the spirit of
procrastination dies. I Dream of becoming an author and for years
I told everyone I was writing a book but one day I published and
realized I made my DREAM come true. We want to help your
dreams come true. The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born, is it you?
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