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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Call today: 404.936.3989
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Parice C. Parker, Live Love &
Laugh coming Fall 2016
The Superhighway
ISBN: 0991062760
Inspirational / Women Authors

Your angels are with you from birth they are there to protect
and comfort you. Sometimes they come right out and talk to
you. Other times it may be a small nudge or an intuitive
thought that you wonder where that came from. Listen, your
angels are trying to communicate with you. They bring you
messages from God the Father and God the Son. He will
also remind you of things that the Father wants you to know.
We see a lot of angel books nowadays. But there is nothing
like having an experience yourself. God's messengers are
our protectors and it's time you change lanes to your destiny
and get on The Superhighway to hope.
Phyllis Brown,  Author of  
The Superhighway
Diane Patterson aka Justice
Jones , Author of 24 Felonies
& 24 Alias'  and Favor for
My Labor - Release date is
The Woman In Me
ISBN: 0615848370
Fiction / Lesbian

What was I? I lived a lesbian lifestyle as a male
impersonator for twenty years. I can remember as early as
first grade, I had fantasies of being sexually involved with
my school teacher. I was young and didn’t fully
understand what sex was, but I knew I had a problem. I
became attracted to girls in my class but couldn't’t tell my
secret to anyone because I knew I should be attracted to
boys. I was confused and afraid. I am human. I had an
identity crises and I escaped the gay lifestyle.

Miriam Passmore, Author
of The Woman In Me
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Early bird catch the worm.
Shaping Your Speaking Introduction

Become the best speaker you can because you
can catch or dismiss a sale. Speaking matters
and it expresses your personality. Fulfillment
comes to those that have a positive attitude,
presents good traits of a good character and
likable. Make sure you always show forth a
positive spirit to attract new customers. Be
ready at all times when you leave your home.
Always have your business card in your car or
a carrying bag. Practice speaking to people,
even in a line, because it increases your ability
to speak. Talk to people and make it a good
habit of striking up an active conversation and
help increase your sales or network. It is a
door opener for you to introduce yourself and
present your business card. The more you
begin to start new conversations it enhances
your speaking ability. Always keep the
conversation on a professional level. It keeps
the door of opportunity open. Practice at
home and polish your speaking. Also, ask for
criticism from a close friend or family
member. You can also record yourself
through voice or in front of your computer.
Once you see yourself, you will see what
needs to be improved. Also, go to motivational
speaking engagements and study different
speakers it will help you present yourself
better. Remember, practice makes perfect so
continue to strive to be the best author you
can and to triumph in your visions. I hope for
you all the best and never stop trying. The
Birth of an Author Shall Be Born, is it you?

The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born
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Power to Push You
ISBN: 0692667431
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Militant Force ...When you fix your mind on the power to
excel and purpose to hit the target, then it is a done deal.
Your goal is now to achieve. No one, nothing or tiredness
could stop you now. Power to Push You is missioned to
cause you to be an eye specialist. Your eyes will begin to
see the benefits of vision; the aspirations once
accomplished, and you will have an IMPETUOUS ZEAL.
Favor for My Labor
ISBN: 1537389793
Law / Conflict of Laws

I was here during the era of The Missing & Murdered
Children of Atlanta. There were no cell phones, and
video cameras to record the evil activities, but I
come to tell you anything you do in the dark will
come to the light. Can't you see God is revealing it
each, and every day? To do something about this,
we must Get to the root of it, and the root must be
uprooted. So therefore, I am going to do my part by
Unlocking the Secrets that I have experience in the
Blind Criminals Justice Systems because it was
designed to make people look like career criminals.
Get in line for Favor for My Labor...