Overcoming the challenges of a writer to become a successful author. You will
OVERCOME every writing obstacle, conqueror the spirit of procrastination, and
excel in the gift of writing while you develop your unique writing talent.
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Our creative writing classes empower the author in the making!
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For years, I did not take "Book Writing
Serious" because I did not "MAKE Time to
Write," and I did not realize all that was
going to come out of me. Your writing is
imperative to your destiny. "Make Time to
Write!" My writing talents grew from:
  • Book Writing
  • Book Publishing
  • Graphic Art & Design
  • Hosting Seminars & How To
    Write A Book
  • Marketing You; and
  • Beauty Gospel & Transforming
    News & more. Allow Your
    Talents to MULTIPLY but the
    only way is to START with
    What You Have!

The Authors Choice
The Birth of An Author Shall Be Born
Creative Writing Workshop on How To
Write A Book is for the author in the
making. Many writers'  struggles in
completing their book and don't know
where to start. I’m deeply inspired by the
touching stories afterward. At the end of
one workshop, this woman came and
hugged me. As she was hugging me, she
also begin to cry and said, “you do not
know how much this workshop has helped
me.” Now, I can continue writing! She
thought no one would want her book and
lost focus on her dream of becoming a
published author. Often these are
transforming seminars for many whether
they are with Fountain of Life Publisher’s
House or not. I just love being a part of so
many soon to be authors’ writing journey.
We teach a lot of great tips and highlight
dynamic pointers on How to Write a Book.
Every author in the making needs to attend
to sharpen their writing skills! A workshop
that will change the way you write forever
and help one maintain their focus.

The Birth of An Author Shall Be Born
by Parice C. Parker
1) Creating Writing Seminars are live, and you would come
where I have a live meeting in the areas that are listed you can
register. Note: We update our calendar weekly. So, stay posted,
and that is why we offer a variety of classes for our soon to be
Once You Register for any of our Creative Writing Workshops you will receive 2 COMPLEMENTARY GIFTS, The Birth of An Author
Shall Be Born CD & The Birth of An Author Shall Be Born book by Parice C. Parker.
2) Authors Online Coaching Class is a seminar class that is
designed to make it easier for the soon to be an author to
MAKE NO EXCUSE to attend. You can meet one any devices
such as I Pad, Phone, Computer or Laptop, but please
ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDING, thanks. The meeting times
varier's and I will personally be you coach once you have
completed these 3 easy step.
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Fountain of Life Publisher's House is making GREAT Progress producing authors! We offer these classes
“How To Write A Book” & “Marketing You” to cause countless to be more than conquerors.  If
you have a Book Inside? It's time to
GET THAT BOOK OUT OF YOU, and we have the right tools to make it

We teach How To Write A Book – Coach Book & Vision Writing – Book Publish & So Much More ...

Class One Topic Discussions Are:
1) Overcoming Writer's Block
2) Finding Time To Write
3) Forming & Placing Your Chapters
4) Keeping Your Scraps
5) Motivation
6) Stay Focus
7) The Heart of the Author
8) Yes, you can Get Published On The Spot!

Class Two Topic Discussions Are:
1. Recognizing What Kind of Author You Are
2. Finalizing Your Book For Print
3. How To Form An Audience & Produce Your Readers
4. Closing Out Your Book
5. How To Sell Your Book
6. Fulfillment   
7. Chasing What Matters To You
8. Yes, You Can Get Published On The Spot!

Class Three Topic Discussion Marketing You:
1. Overcoming Fear
2. Writing Your
Business Plan
3. Setting Up Your Business
4. Faith WORKS
5. Yes, You Can Get Published On The Spot!

The Birth of an Author Shall Be BORN

The birth of an author shall be born because we are creators. One thing I love about authors is that they
have the power to form their own world to come. A mind is extremely creative and an author's concept of art
has no limits. We are visionaries and see things others cannot. The power of an author is POTENT because
they shape and mold through creation of thought. Our focus can be distracted but what’s in our view we
bring by inventing what we see. Regardless of our circumstances, an author will let their mind take them to a
whole new world and that is where the shaping begins. As we draft on paper our hearts are led by the ink of
a pen and the stroke of a key. We see doors that are shut fly wide open! We dream and then bring it to
pass. An author will ride out their nightmares to see the fullness of their writing journey exist. The purpose of
an author is to simply make what they see appear. Through the vision of an author we have the ability to
dress our lives in expressive words just for others to visualize what we see. It is the desire in the heart that
thrust the author to their destiny. Once the flame of writing grows intense in the heart of the writer its journey
is complete. Authors do not compromise; they cause their dreams to come to life. Things you must know
about writing a book and tips to help complete your writing journey are here. The birth of an author shall be
born, is it you?  

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