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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Ghost Writing Services

We can write when you
don't have time to.
Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Call today: 404.936.3989
Writing Services is for the individual that does not want to the writer or doesn't have
the time due to a hectic life schedule. This person knows what they want, and have the
funds to pay for a Ghost Writer to complete their new book. All Ghost Writer
assignments are customized to each client needs. Let us know how much you are willing
to invest, and these services begin at $5,000.00 for a retainer fee. Our time is valuable,
and your project needs undivided attention when we get started. Together, we can get
started on your new book and make it a sensation. The fee may change depending on
the amount of time, and what you as the author supply us with to complete your book.
Authors are visionaries that publish to the world,
what they see.
                                          ~ Parice C. Parker

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CEO: Parice C. Parker
During my writing journey, I had also envisioned Fountain of Life Publisher’s House, a place to end an
author’s nightmare. I laughed, but I was greatly moved at the thought of becoming a book publisher.
The more I went forth in writing books, the more there was a need for Fountain of Life Publisher’s
House to exist. I was destined to publish other authors. Right now you may just be a writer trying to
overcome the struggles of your journey. Who knows the end? You must persevere to find out the
potential of the book inside you. Considering a book is a vision, and it tells a story that will witness
what you envision and will be an excellent resource for others. Whether it’s motivational, how to, or
entertaining and inspiring. Regardless, others will be a lead in a new direction after reading your
book. I remember watching the movie Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and his son. We often
wonder how others made it but their struggles were never easy, and they are there to build up our
confidence. It put me in mind as I lived in hotels that I did not let it stop my writing journey. My
health was not good as I had continued to go in and out of hospitals having strokes, which attack the
brain. I still did not let it stop me. This movie inspired me, and I said, “If he can so can I.” Often, many
have more than what they need but still won’t do anything. Through the years, I did not let my
struggles stop my writing journey because the more I wrote, the more I released. Let nothing have
the power over your book and only you can push it out!

The Birth of An Author Shall Be Born, Is It You?
~ Parice C Parker                                                             
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Vision Multiplied
I am READY to
Write Your Book
I am READY to
Write Your Book
Paying For Ghost Writing Services
Paying For Ghost Writing Services