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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Fountain of Life Publisher's House exist because of Proverbs 14:27 The fear of the LORD is a Fountain of Life to
depart from the snares of death. Our purpose is to Break The Back of Poverty out of the UNPUBLISHED,
UNWRITTEN, & UNCREATED WORK of the chosen AUTHOR that was PREDESTINED to be. Books are Powerful
Work of creation because they disperse knowledge for others to gain wisdom. As you see, Fountain of Life
Publisher's House was founded in the book of wisdom, and we are ready to publish your voice to speak to nations.

In business, we have learned the successful failures has caused them to  MASTER THE ART OF GREATER
WORKS through their many struggles. We at Fountain of Life Publisher's House are thankful to be a part of your
publishing needs. We work with our clients and MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE to become a published author. We want
your DREAMS to come.
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Faith Going In
ISBN: 0990444120
Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational

Faith Going In: Terrific..We dig such big holes and fall
deep in them. Oh, how foolish? If you think for one second
you can hide something think a little harder! What's done
behind close doors even the birds carry a voice which has
wings and shall tell the matter.
Author, Annette Alexander
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There was a time in my life where I was sick in my
stomach, and for years I was on all kinds of Medicine to
take the pain away. So many years I look forward to going
to sleep knowing that the pain would go away while I rest,
but one day I cried out to God. I asked Him to take the pain
away, and immediately when I begged as I cried. The pain
was taken away, and I thank God for His healing power
and His grace over my life. Thank you Fountain of Life
Publisher's House, I appreciate you.
                  Ernest L. West, Author of Secret's
Fountain of Life Publisher's House took me
by the hand and walked me every step of
the way to become the author I always
dreamed of becoming. You will always be
apart of my history making moments, thank
you for listening.

Diane Patterson aka Justice Jones, Author
of 24 Felonies & 24 Alias' & Favor for My
I would have kept my books stored up in my closet if it
was not for Fountain of Life Publisher's House. Thank you
for producing my dream, my book and the story of my life
that has left so many speechless. You make my
impossible all possible, and I love the way you publish
books. I am working on my new book to be releases in
2017, thank you.

Chocolate Drop, Author Mama I Heard Your Cry
It is amazing how a life altering experience can be
a blessing in disguise. Things have truly changed
since HandiCAPABLE, and it's main character Lola
came into my life. Writing this book, that has now
become a series, has reminded me of some painful
yet powerful experiences that have made me who i
am today. Thank you God for allowing me to share
my story and giving a voice to those who have
special needs.

Lisa Weldon, Author of HandiCAPABLE and her
soon to be released new book, "Lola Goes to
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We offer the lowest price to our authors in book printing
services than most publisher's. We want to make sure our
authors can afford to keep inventory or their own books for
vending, book signing and private sales. Our goal is to
protect the best interest of our authors because we care
about their success.
From Eating Crumbs to Transforming Wealth
ISBN: 0990444163
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

From Eating Crumbs To Transforming Wealth: Anointing …
Finally, a book that keeps you in a thriving mental state that
causes your HOPE to burst through! Now, it is time to
identify the real you by introducing the TROPHY that is
Hidden inside. It's your time to stop eating the crumbs of life
and Indulge In Your WEALTHY Place!
CEO of Fountain of Life
Publisher's House & Author,
Parice C. Parker, Bounce Back
to Life coming Fall 2016
Thank you, Pastor Angela, for referring
our Newest soon to be author of this
Phenomenal "Throw Away," a
FLAMING True life story, to Fountain of
Life Publisher's House. Throw Away is
scheduled for release September 16,
2016. This book is a true tear-jerker with
an unusual twist and turns one right after
another that drove her through many
revolving doors due to her being rejected
at a tender age. We say, thank you once
again. Also, we are grateful to you for
making the decision to further your book
that was just released August 2016,
exclusive inspiring power promoter for
the tired, faint, and the presser that's
running on empty spiritual fumes to be
gassed up, and motivated to climb higher!
Author, Keishan Scott
Keys to the Kingdom
ISBN: 0978716213
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

If God said it, then it is DONE! Going from the PIT to the
PALACE is another way to receive Keys To The Kingdom.
Once set in motion you have went down for the last time
there is only one way to go and that is up! There are Key
Points in Keys To The Kingdom you must know to obtain a
profound relationship with The Holy Spirit. And, once
obtained then you will gain Keys To The Kingdom. Once
what was complicated is now easily accessed. A book
inspired by God from the heart of a 11 year old Minister,
and a child shall lead them!
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Call today: 404.936.3989
Call today: 404.936.3989
Nothing in this world exist without an Authors.
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