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ISBN: 069273306X
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

It was the darkest place in my life where I contemplated
suicide. I had lost my home, my family and I felt like a
failure. I couldn't hold things together, and I let everyone
down. I was living in a motel room. It was dark and dreary,
and I was all alone. I begin not to use my hands to fight
physically, but instead, I use my hands to write. My finger
saved my life. I hushed and wrote. It was medicine, and in
that place, my valley I begin to heal. Mysteries revealed.
Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Transforming writers into authors,
and visionaries into successors. Are
you ready to publish your work, and
become greater?
Author, Ernest L. West of
Secrets and coming soon
Fall 2016 "Expressions
Power to Push You
ISBN: 0692667431
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Militant Force ...When you fix your mind on the power to
excel and purpose to hit the target, then it is a done deal.
Your goal is now to achieve. No one, nothing or tiredness
could stop you now. Power to Push You is missioned to
cause you to be an eye specialist. Your eyes will begin to
see the benefits of vision; the aspirations once
accomplished, and you will have an IMPETUOUS ZEAL.
You are Unstoppable
ISBN: 0990444112
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

“You Are Unstoppable” is an inspiring book loaded with
revelation from God’s word. Also, lessons from the experience
of the author’s journey in life, and ministry. Reading this book
"You Are Unstoppable" is an opportunity to be illuminated,
motivated, prepared, activated, challenged, and
empowered. It is time to confront life with optimism, and a
sense of mission in the face of adversity or insurmountable
challenges! No matter what you go through in life you can
overcome, and know that You Are Unstoppable!
Author, Pastor Angela B.
Author, Sybil Young and
her next book "Look
Again," is coming Fall 2016
CEO of Fountain of Life
Publisher's House & Author,
Parice C. Parker, Live Love &
Laugh coming Fall 2016
Poems of Delight Ministering to Your Soul
ISBN: 0692745696
Poetry / Women Authors

What comes from the heart, reaches the heart…
Poetry has always been a way to reach readers right where
they need to be reached. The art of writing poems have
caused many to fall in love with their purpose in life and
thrive. Poems of Delight Ministering to Your Soul is a
collection of poems that were truly written from the heart of
author Sybil Young. Join her as she takes a journey through
life, love and happiness and shares every moment with you
through the beauty of poetry.
The Birth of an Author
Shall Be BORN


The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born
because there are great ideas in you. We
are creators. One thing I love about
authors, they have the power to form
their own world to come. A sound mind
contributes innovation to the world and
is extremely creative. An author's
concept of art has no limits. We are
visionaries and see things others cannot.
The power of an author is POTENT
because they shape and mold through
the creation of thought. Yes, an author's
focus can be distracted, but what’s in
our view we bring by inventing what we
see. Regardless, of our circumstances,
an author will let their mind take them
to a whole new world and that is where
the shaping begins. As we draft on
paper our hearts are led by the ink of a
pen and the stroke of a key. We see
doors that are shut fly wide open! We
dream and then bring it to pass. An
author will ride out their nightmares to
see the fullness of their writing journey
exists. The purpose of an author is to
simply make what they see appear.
Through the vision of an author we
have the ability to dress our lives in
expressive words just for others to
visualize what we see. It is the desire in
the heart that pushed the author to their
destiny. Once the flame of writing grows
intense in the heart of the writer its
journey is complete. Authors do not
compromise; they cause their dreams to
come to life. Things you must know
about writing a book and tips to help
complete your writing journey are here.
The birth of an author shall be born, is it

Parice C. Parker
Author, Apostle Delisa Johnson
ISBN: 0991062752
Comics & Graphic Novels / General

My name is Lisa Weldon. I am the author of
HandiCAPABLE. I’d like to take a moment to introduce you
to the main character of this book  
named Lola. She is a five year old vibrant little girl who is
wheelchair bound. Lola considers herself to be a princess as
opposed to being handicapped. Lola’s wheelchair, better
known as the “princess  mobile,” shows how much she loves
anything to do with the princess theme. She possesses great
qualities likes strength and compassion. Lola is wise beyond
her years. In this book we see how Lola’s positive personality
enables her to accept her circumstances, yet be hopeful
about them changing...
Author, Lisa Weldon and her
new upcoming book "Lola
Goes to School."
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I have heard many stories and met countless individuals from all walks of life. However,
this author is indeed strange, but unique. This book has touched deeply in many areas
that most will shun away from, overlook and never have to encounter such things as this
author has. Her story will make you more aware of terrible things that people experience
and how quickly life could take a twist for the wrong turn.
24 Felonies & 24 Alias' made
me see an author and not the criminal. One day as we were sharing the details of this
book, Ms. Justice Jones said, “The system made me look like I'm a career criminal.” And,
l looked and thought. All these years and she were an author before she formed in her
mother's womb.
24 Felonies & 24 Alias' is a TERRIFIC Book that will ignite your
suspense, and it's strange, but unique!

Now, after she completed her first book signing for
24 Felonies & 24 Alias' she came
over to my home office, and said, I am ready to finish my next book. I have almost
completed 15 chapters, and I can't stop writing. Yes, less than six weeks she completely
her next book,
Favor for My Labor. Wow, two books in one year and less than five
months apart. Justice Jones is one that has allowed the gift of writing to drive her heart to
purpose destiny.

                                                 Parice C. Parker
Book Signing & New Book
Release for
"Favor for My
Date: September 18, 2016  
Time: 4PM - 6PM   Location:
Rex GA
If you would like to attend
please per-order your book
here and we will send you the
address, thanks.
Author, Diane Patterson aka Justice Jones
and her New Release of Favor for My
Labor - release Date is September 18, 2016
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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24 Felonies & 24 Alias'
ISBN: 0692641823
Fiction / Crime / Drugs / Drama

A mother who looked for love in all the wrong places,
combined with a father who loved crime and sex created
an innocent daughter. With both of those characteristics
weighing heavily on her back. She was led into a life full of
sex, drugs and crime. For we are people, created by two
individuals whose DNA influence greatly impact the person
we become. During her thirty years in the criminal justice
system, a whisper of a thought told her that she’d write a
book to be the set of eyes, to bring God’s children out of
those same terrible experiences. Hopefully, my story will
touch someone, somewhere, and somehow to know that
God will be their father, friend or whatever they need for
Him to be. As I begin to put the story of my life out there,
may God shine in the midst of a corrupt justice system.