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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
Call today: 404.936.3989
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Anointing Powers of Your Hands
ISBN: 099044418X
Religion / Inspirational

Often times you wonder why, why me? Your life may not
look like much right now, but keep on putting your hands to
the plow of your vision and do not stop, until you perfect  
that thing! Working a work you have never worked can be
extremely complicated and very difficult, but never quit
doing the work.  God want you to use what is inside you, so  
He can display you to the world because He Loves to be
glorified! There is Anointing Powers in the working of your
hands because He purposely created you. Faith without
works are dead, so work it!
CEO of Fountain of Life
Publisher's House & Author,
Parice C. Parker, Live Love &
Laugh coming Fall 2016
Grace Under Fire
ISBN: 0991062760
Drama / Women Authors

Grace Under Fire … Stunning Real Life Story … As a young
girl, Marilyn had experienced more in her life than most
children should her age. In her distressing struggle through
years filled with sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, she
had to learn to overcome and cling fast to God in order to
become free from the wickedness that had taken hold of her
very existence.
Rise Above Now
ISBN: 0692723854
Fiction / Contemporary Women

Have you ever questioned life and wonder why you? Can
you hear yourself saying, “Is there more to life than this?” I
can identify this with you. Did you know? Our brain process
approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day. Often
many wonder why so many give up and quit in life. In this
book I will show you how to rise above mediocrity. No more
settling for less than God's best and only fantasizing about
your heart desires – Its time you Rise Above, Now.
Marilyn Leck,  Author of
Grace Under Fire
Shawn Johnson Martin,
Author of Rise Above Now
What Manner of Man Are Ye?
ISBN: 0991062779
Motivational / Contemporary Inspirational / Christian

What Manner of Man Are Ye? Consuming...hat Manner of
An Are Ye the question we all must ask?...spectacular..
This book will help you discover places you have not even
explored. It's impressive in the manner it will direct you to
unmask yourself. It's time you be transparent with God,
others and mostly yourself. Honesty is a rare commodity
and What Manner of Man Are Ye will guide you to the
truth. Jesus said, "those that WORSHIP ME must worship
Him in spirit and in truth." Let "TRUTH" rule your life by
you beginning to unmask. One more question, how many
things, opportunity or people you have to loose simply
because you do not know who you was going be? To God
be The Glory!
Catherine Rothwell, Author
of What Manner of Man Are
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