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Aggravated Assault On Your Mind
ISBN: 097871623X
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

When the very ones you have loved has MAXED out your
kindness, taken advantage of your heart and turned their backs on
you ... You are trying to do everything right, but nothing is
WORKING OUT! Absolutely thinking, WHAT IS THE USE? A
PHENOMENAL motivator for the tired, weak and feeble saying, "I
24 Felonies & 24 Alias'
ISBN: 0692641823
True Crime / Murder / General
A mother who looked for love in all the wrong places, combined
with a father who loved crime and sex created an innocent
daughter. With both of those characteristics weighing heavily on
her back. She was led into a life full of sex, drugs and crime. For
we are people, created by two individuals whose DNA influence
greatly impact the person we become. During her thirty years in
the criminal justice system, a whisper of a thought told her that
she’d write a book to be the set of eyes, to bring God’s children
out of those same terrible experiences.
True Happiness, "the happiness that really got it going on."
Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational

Blissful Read: So many are searching in all the wrong place for
happiness. Often people get excited as their emotions take a hold
of the steering wheel of life, leading their lives into a wreck.
Laughter in a moment of joy is not true happiness but an outburst
of good emotions
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Can Anyone Hear Me?
ISBN: 0990444104
Self-Help / Abuse / General

There are some things many will go through in their lives that
may cause pain only to help others that shares the same pain to
be comfort in their time of trouble. For we have a God that sets
high and looks low. Yes, He does hear. Now, ask the question
“Can Anyone Hear Me?”
Don't waste your time
thinking about something
that can be done.
                                                                            ~ Parice C. Parker
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