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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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Psalms 68:11 The LORD gave the Word but GREAT Was those of the company that published it.
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Word Wonders
ISBN: 0978716272
Religion / Inspirational / Christian

Yes, life will throw many curve balls our way, and get us
completely off track, and out of line with Gods will. You
may not know when or how but He is going to answer you.
Make your request known to your Way Maker, and be patient
as you wait. When God’s glory can be revealed to you, then
you will be ready for all of your prayers to be answered, and
not just a few. My question to you is, are you ready? If you
answered yes, then get dress because your time is here!
Word Wonders is going to incredibly fashion your mind with
a fresh hope
CEO of Fountain of Life
Publisher's House & Author,
Parice C. Parker, Live Love &
Laugh coming Fall 2016
The Superhighway
ISBN: 0991062760
Inspirational / Women Authors

Your angels are with you from birth they are there to protect
and comfort you. Sometimes they come right out and talk to
you. Other times it may be a small nudge or an intuitive
thought that you wonder where that came from. Listen, your
angels are trying to communicate with you. They bring you
messages from God the Father and God the Son. He will
also remind you of things that the Father wants you to know.
We see a lot of angel books nowadays. But there is nothing
like having an experience yourself. God's messengers are
our protectors and it's time you change lanes to your destiny
and get on The Superhighway to hope.
24 Felonies & 24 Alias'
ISBN: 0692641823
Fiction / Crime / Drugs / Drama

A mother who looked for love in all the wrong places,
combined with a father who loved crime and sex created an
innocent daughter. With both of those characteristics
weighing heavily on her back. She was led into a life full of
sex, drugs and crime. For we are people, created by two
individuals whose DNA influence greatly impact the person
we become. During her thirty years in the criminal justice
system, a whisper of a thought told her that she’d write a
book to be the set of eyes, to bring God’s children out of
those same terrible experiences. Hopefully, my story will
touch someone, somewhere, and somehow to know that
God will be their father, friend or whatever they need for
Him to be. As I begin to put the story of my life out there,
may God shine in the midst of a corrupt justice system.
Phyllis Brown,  Author of  
The Superhighway
Diane Patterson aka Justice
Jones, Author of 24 Felonies
& 24 Alias'  and Favor for
My Labor - Release date is
The Woman In Me
ISBN: 0615848370
Fiction / Lesbian

What was I? I lived a lesbian lifestyle as a male
impersonator for twenty years. I can remember as early as
first grade, I had fantasies of being sexually involved with
my school teacher. I was young and didn't’t fully
understand what sex was, but I knew I had a problem. I
became attracted to girls in my class but couldn't’t tell my
secret to anyone because I knew I should be attracted to
boys. I was confused and afraid. I am human. I had an
identity crises and I escaped the gay lifestyle.

Miriam Passmore, Author
of The Woman In Me
Web sites are for any growing business. Your website will convince your
clients for bill pay, purchases, networking, contributions, and
introduction of what your business offer. In business, my motto is "Be
Business." A professional business owner wants to make a statement
because the first impression is 75% of your marketing character to
reach, and gain new prospects. Websites also make good business sense
and show forth the quality of your business develop while it upgrades
your business revenue by 80% yearly. Every business needs a website
and without one, they are losing clients, money, and business expansion.
Keeping a Money Paper Trail

A few business tips and ways to save for your income
tax return. Please always check with your tax
preparer because yearly tax breaks and business
savings change. However please keep up with all
receipts, monthly statements and invoices because it
is your paper trail of proof as you are building your
business profile. The IRS requires keeping all paper
trail on file for at least five consecutive years in the
case of audited. Receipts are noted as your outward
expense for business operations. So whatever you
spend out you will receive a credit on your tax
returns and listed below are a few ways you can
save. Your new book is a business and if you treat it
your new book as on you will be successful. In
business be business and you will meet your goal in
achieving but you must stick to your plan.

Receipts Are Accountable
Receipts that will cause you to save. Hotel, gas,
product, supplies, clothing anything you would
spend out to help operate your business is an
expense, including dry cleaning. There are so many
ways to save. I keep yellow envelopes, and as I enter
my office, I immediately put my receipts or invoices.
It is also good to record your expense down on paper
whether it's daily, weekly or monthly but never let
one month go by without keeping a record. As you
review your expense log, it will help you maintain a
better perspective on your business development.
Hotels & Travel (Business)
Office supplies
Dry cleaning
Cell phone
Office (Home Office expense)
Vehicle (such as payments and expense for vehicle
Rental car
Employees (if you are vending or paying someone to
help in care of your new book)
Apparel (about the upkeep of your uniform
Eating out (if you are having breakfast, lunch or
dinner engagement discussing business meeting)
Healthcare (doctor visits, doctor bills, medications
and yearly insurance payments)
Computers, laptops, I Pad, Note Pads, Printers, etc.
Marketing Tools
Advertisements (All ads you place)
Your Stock (Book Orders or any stock)
Shipping & Mailing
Seminar & Conference
Also, check with your insurance group and prepare
to get an author’s insurance policy. Yes, there is an
insurance coverage for the author to protect you and
your investment. Some company's offer yearly
payments and others will allow you monthly
payments. Depending on your liability amount you
can get about $100,000.00 policy for about $25.00
a month or $300.00 year, and it’s worth the

The Birth of An Author Shall Be Born
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In business be business and good business skills help you be more
                                                                           ~ Parice Parker
In business be business and good business skills help you be more
                                                                         ~ Parice Parker
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